SuperHot VR (2017)

SuperHot already was an incredible game that was already too short, the VR version takes everything and ramps it up. And I mean EVERYTHING. It’s was more fun, but also way shorter too.

Sadly this game is about an hour to an hour and a half if you really have a hard time. It’s just too short. SuperHot was MADE for VR and seeing it as a separate title already irked me a bit as I didn’t want to shell out more money for basically the same thing, in VR. But I did, and I enjoyed it immensely. The rush you get by dodging bullets and leaning back like Neo in the Matrix doesn’t get old. Even being able to reach out and grab a gun from the enemy’s hands and turn it on them is incredibly satisfying. There is nothing like it right now, nor has there been anything like it before. Honestly if I could think of one more bad thing to say about this game, other than the shortness of the campaign, it’s almost impossible. It’s a great game, but one thing was having the teleport options, they could have used roomscale a bit better and having to stop, and grab a black cube that will teleport you into another “scene” was kinda lame. But whatever, people are wusses and can’t deal with moving in VR without getting sick so we are stuck with that type of moment in VR for a while. SuperHot VR is a must have for anyone with a VR setup and in the overcrowded place of wave shooters, this is a breath of fresh air and really makes you long for a couple years from now, to see what VR games look like then.