About the site

My name is Ryan and since 1988 video games have been my main hobby. I like discussing video games in depth, talking about why I like, or don't like the games I get to play. With a couple decades worth of professional gaming knowledge, I want to chronicle all the games I play with the help of this website, keeping a collection of written reviews and podcasts.


I know that video game reviews on the internet aren't the most novel thing in the world, but I try to do something a bit more unique and personal. I only review games that I complete and see the credits of, as I don't believe you can fully review something if you don't see the full thing. Also, I don't write like most reviewers; most game reviews copy the same format that has been going on since the early days of video game magazines. Covering the story or plot, then talking about the game mechanics and reviewing the game based on how it controls, the graphics and musical arrangements and sound effects. I don't do any of that.

I write like how I speak. I don't use common buzzwords or Idoms in writing. I don't use "mixed bag" or "not the former but the latter"... because that's not how people talk. I like writing down my personal experience with a game, things that I find interesting about it, or parts of the game I think should have been changed to make it better. It's a review that serves the purpose of covering the game in my own personal style.


I originally started this blog to host my podcast, which the podcast was only started to test out recording equipment for voice over work for my career/job. But the podcast grew into a hobby of it's own. I try to record as often as I can, and tried to keep to a bi-monthly schedule. But over the course of the last several years, and traveling as a main part of my job, I mostly keep to a once every month release.

The podcast is mainly just me talking into a microphone and giving updates on the games I've been playing and what I think about them. Covering not only games I complete, but also ones I currently am in the middle of, and games I'm looking forward to.