Scanner Sombre (2017)

I took a chance on this game after seeing one screenshot. I got it for about $3 after using a code and couldn't have been more pleased.

The simple task of walking around a pure black cave with nothing but a scanner that “paints” the walls in a rainbow like texture that changes as you get closer or further away.

The barely existent story was a bit dissatisfying, but at least gave some sort of meaning to walking around a big dark empty cave. I guess you can forgive it as it was basically a prototype that was worked on by a few of the dev’s as a break while finishing up those main game Prison Architect.

The look and feel of the game’s back half is what really sold me. The story morphs from a “Let’s spelunk this cave”, to “look at these cult sacrifice chambers” to an abandon mine. The flow of the very linear path is still fun and can go from eerily beautiful to horrifyingly creepy to something that looks like the mine cart ride from Knott’s Berry Farm.

For what took about a little over an hour was so captivating that when it ended, it was bitter sweet. I could have played more of that game and been fine, but I think it choose to end it at the perfect time. It didn't overstay it’s welcome with filler puzzles and was a nice breather from the last few months of 80+ hour game releases. Short and sweet, that's this little game in a nutshell. Spend $10 and play an hour as this is one of those pallets cleansers that don't come around very often.