Road Redemption (2017)

Road Redemption had a rough time getting to 1.0 release, but when it did, it was… ok. Which is kinda a bad thing. The game that promised a spiritual successor to Road Rash was more like a cheap imitation than a true comeback.

The level design is very bland and the game takes way too long to get upgrades/advance enough. With about 10 hours of play, I have only gotten to the second level.

The enemies are bland, as you really don’t feel like you know any of the riders you are battling (as you murder around 100 each stage) and the bosses are annoying with some of the worst voice acting I’ve ever heard. Your gang leader (which I certainly didn’t ask to be a part of) tells you about the next stage and congratulates you when you finish a race, but he is just a static picture with nothing of note to say at all. I mostly play with the Audio completely off at this point as the same 5 or so lines are repeated throughout each single play though and nothing important is said making it pointless.

As for the game itself I did have some fun moments here and there with it. One night I got really into it and at times it did feel very similar to what a Road Rash game could feel like… COULD… from an Indie developer. And sad to say, it really does feel very Indie. Even though it’s out of early access, it still has parts that feel very unfinished and unpolished. The controls feel wobbly and really do need some tightening up.