Rez Infinite (2017)

Rez feels like a game that should have been made in the 80’s and released along side TRON. The On-Rails shooting of the original game is still intact, but now in VR there is a bit more freedom with the camera and aim centered around VR and the movement of your head. It’s a short game, which is only made worse by having the only addition “Area X” another level basically. It’s so much better produced and has much more interesting visuals, but is over just as it really starts going.

Rez itself is a decent game, and it almost feels like it was made for VR, even back in 2001. But sadly, it’s just a glimpse of what is a rather enjoyable little game. The other irritating part of it, is that the beginning of the levels really take a bit to even get going, and when it starts to ramp up, it’s boss time. The bosses themselves can add a bit of challenge to gameplay, but nothing requiring more than just waving your controller back and forth. Frustration sets in, if in fact you do get killed, you have to start all the way back at the beginning of the level, which are around 20 minutes long. Having to repeat 15-20 mins of boring slow gameplay can be a chore and made me put down the game for a bit at least once.

Sadly there isn’t much to the game, and there isn’t much replay value either. It’s a fun little time waster of a game, and I’m glad I played it, to finally get it out of my system and to really know what Rez is all about. They should have gone the route of making the game in the “Area X” style and just added a VR component to the original game as a bonus, not the other way around.