Retro-Cember 2023

Retro-Cember 2023

Last year I started “Retro-Cember” , a month-long celebration of retro games during the absolute best time of the year, CHRISTmas! Last year I reminisced about a single game every day of the month, with the caveat of it being exclusively 8 & 16 bit console games. This year, I tend to do the same, but change it up slightly. This year I want to not only look back and talk about the fond memories I have of the classics but also try out some new old games as well. The 32-bit powerhouse, the Sony Playstation was a system I got later than most, and while I enjoyed the system, I wasn’t over the moon on it like many are. So with more years under my belt, I am going to try and positively cover the 32-bit console exclusively this year. Every day at 8am Central a new video will be premiered on my YouTube channel. I hope everyone enjoys them, as it’s my little way of celebrating this season with something I love.

December 1st - Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX

December 2nd - Bloody Roar

December 3rd - SkullMonkeys

December 4th - PaRappa The Rapper

December 5th - Tomb Raider

December 6th - Cool Boarders 3

December 7th - Bust-A-Groove

December 8th - Driver

December 9th - JetMoto

December 10th - Twisted Metal

December 11th - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

December 12th - Jumping Flash

December 13th: Bushido Blade

December 14th: San Francisco Rush

December 15th: Irritating Stick

December 16th: Road Rash

December 17th: Medal Of Honor

December 18th: Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring

December 19th: Spider-Man

December 20th: Street Sk8ter

December 21st: Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions

December 22nd: Thrasher Skate and Destroy

December 23rd: Playstation Underground: Jampack Summer 2000

December 24th: Die Hard Trilogy

December 25th: Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped

December 26th: Syphon Filter

December 27th: Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit

December 28th: Rayman

December 29th: Poy Poy

December 30th: WCW Thunder

December 31st: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater