Rain On Your Prarade (2021)

I have always gone against the grain when it comes to weather. I lived in California for my entire life, and always hated it because of how hot and sunny it always was. I wanted to move to Seattle because it always was known for my favorite weather, Rain. While I was scrolling through Xbox’s Gamepass, I noticed a little indie game called “Rain On Your Parade” with a little raincloud featured in the boxart, and was enticed to look at it.

Rain On Your Parade is a small indie game that lets you take control of a rain cloud named “Cloudy McCloud”, which I’ll talk about the writing in the game in a moment. The game is set up as a grandpa telling a story to his grandson for bedtime, much like The Princess Bride.

The game itself is a blast, and I love almost everything about it, except for the writing. Like I said earlier, the game’s writing is just too much referential humor and memes. Twitter Humor if you will. The main character, the rain cloud you control is called Cloudy McCloud. The world is filled with random little winks and nods to internet humor and memes, but instead of expanding on them in any way shape or form, they just say the meme, and move on to the next thing. It feels like they could have easily taken out most, if not all of those jokes, and had a better script. Or at least something that didn’t make me roll my eyes every single time a cutscene happened.

What really grabbed me about the game is that everything has a child’s diorama cardboard cutout artstyle to it. It reminded me of games like “Kirby’s Epic Yarn” Or “Yoshi’s Wooly World”. Everything is made out of cardboard and strings, and brightly vibrant colors.