Marvel’s Spider-Man: Turf Wars DLC (2018)

I’m going to keep this fairly short (just like the actual DLC) and say this middle DLC was a real letdown. Continuing the developing story of Black Cat and the mob, Hammerhead is the “main” villain and has the found that the mob isn’t respected anymore, so he captures all the Dons and is going to kill them so he can be the ultimate mob boss.

Sadly this story basically has nothing to do with that at all, and you moreso get a story about a cop who has reached their breaking point. Yuri sees her fellow officers murdered and it’s basically the straw that breaks the camel’s back. You spend the majority of the DLC doing the same two things over and over again. Infiltrating a couple of the same chop shops to beat up the hundred or so thugs in each place and find info for Mary Jane to do some research. She basically tells you some exposition about Yuri’s background and then you go to a construction site where the mob bosses are going to be executed in a very Godfather-esque way. Turns out to be an ambush and then you have a 3 minute fight with Hammerhead that results Yuri losing her cool and murdering Hammerhead (except if you know literally anything about Hammerhead, a bullet to the face isn’t going to kill him) And that is the end of that.

This DLC can basically be completed in around an hour and a half, but my real main gripe about this is that no matter what anyone tells you, the main villain throughout the whole Spider-Man game isn’t Doc Ock, it isn’t The Sinister Six, it isn’t Tombstone or Hammerhead, Black Cat, nor is it even Peter Parker sabotaging his relationship with MJ….. It’s Screwball. The annoying social media teen that gives Tiny Tina a run for her money. You spend the majority of this DLC with this shoehorned “villian” where you do the same crap you have done in the main game and the first DLC, a couple fighting arenas and the worst stealth this game has to offer.

I see the main issue people have with this game is the MJ stealth stuff that really did break up the flow of the original game, but boy, that has nothing on Screwballs stealth sections. These are instant failure arenas where you have to take out 12-20 guys. There are motion detectors that can be disabled for around 15 seconds, just enough time for you to get in and get out. What makes this part bad is that the enemies are usually grouped together and you have a very hard time telling exactly where someone will notice you or not. You have to really fiddle with the controls to get it to tell you when you can take someone down without being seen and half of the time the window is so small that it’ll change in the middle of your takedown, making you restart the whole thing over again….all this while being timed as well. It’s poorly executed, thought out and redundant and pointless. Screwball keeps sprouting the same several canned lines of someone who thinks what a teenage social media consuming kid talks like and it just is really irritating. Nothing about her missions are fun, and they aren’t side missions. You have to do several to progress the story. And since you finish the last mission of hers, she is nowhere to be found and you just throw your hands up and go “oh well, I’ll get her later”, you KNOW she’ll be in the last DLC as well, and she just isn’t that good of a character to spend with more so than all the other possibilities. GIve me more Rhino, or Scorpion or Electro or Doc Ock even… Something more than the same stupid annoying little girl that doesn’t deserve the screen time.

100% this DLC (not including the Screwball stuff) is barely DLC at all. It really does show how little there actually is to this pack and I wonder why it wasn’t just held back. The first DLC was decently priced, written and flowed well. This barely feels like you started it before you ended it. Hopefully the last DLC next month will really have much more than this, because this shouldn’t have even been released.