Deadpool (2013)

I always wanted to get this game when it came out, but after hearing rumors that it was pretty bad, I just decided to wait for the $5 price drop deal. Instead of that, Activision let the license lapse and it was delisted on Steam. So I figured I’d just never get it. Once the Deadpool movie came out, it was listed back on Steam but seemed way too expensive at $40 for quite an old game at this point. Then it was on sale for like $12 and then announced at the end of the week it was being delisted again. So I groaned and coughed up the money and installed it. The beginning of the game is exactly what you’d expect out of a new 52 version of Deadpool, totally self aware and written by people who act like they are in college.

The writing is extremely cringeworthy as it focuses most of its humor on fart, poop, weiner and boob jokes. Really bad lame attempts at comedic writing which made me groan way more than laugh. I did crack a couple of smiles at some of the quips while Deadpool was chopping up enemies, but that was very few and far between. The best parts of the entire game were the dialog between Deadpool and Death, as they do in fact love each other, in a sort of weird Addams Family way, but it does work. It makes Death a fully developed character with a silky voice and almost goth punk type of vibe to her, but who has the powers of the underworld.

One thing about the story is that that did get to use Mr. Sinister as the main villain of the game and also use some other characters you don’t really see much focus on, such as Cable and Rouge. They play a decent sized part in the game, and it’s much better for having them in their. That being said the animation on Mr. Sinister seems very rubbery and exaggerated which makes the whole thing feel goofy, and not in a fun way. Mr. Sinister is basically reduced to a blubbering idiot that feels like he was being played by a voice actor trying to imitate Jim Carrey imitating Ace Ventura in the animated cartoon. Yeah, that's kind of bad.

Not much else to say about the game. The combat is ok at best. Nothing really special. Being able to upgrade weapons with better stats was great, and the inclusion of other weapons was ok, but I never once bought or used them. Instead I just leveled up my main stuff and that did enough damage to where I was able to dispatch enemies fairly quickly without much issue.

The levels are boring and are relegated to either Sewers or Office Buildings for most of the game. Then you get to go to Genosha where The X-Men come along and you feel the game is going to pick up. Only to have the X-Men never show up until literally after the game is over. Its such a waste of potential.

You do get to have about 5 minutes of fun as near the end, after rescuing Rouge you take over her with Deadpool’s powers and make mincemeat out of about 50 bad guys. Again, one of the stand out moments in this otherwise mediocre game.