Danger Zone (2017)

Danger Zone starts out a bit too slow and doesn’t really ramp up till the end of it. This wouldn’t be a bad thing in and of itself, but it’s so short that you almost feel cheated when it does end. The Crash mode of the original Burnout series is back, but something feels a bit off. One of the biggest disappointments of the entire game is that it is so bland. The underground parking lot/crash test course seems more fitted to a couple tutorial levels and then should put you out into the real world...sadly it never does. Just the same boring underground gray and orange the entire time. Plus it is just too short. Like WAAAYYYY too short. Three different phases with about 10 in each phase. So around 30 levels in all. A large chunk of them are able to be completed the first time too, so it really feels cheap when you realize you have finished the game and only about 45 mins go by. Luckily it only is $13 bucks and I did get $13 of enjoyment out of the game, but if it was any more, I would probably have asked for a refund (which I never do)

It’s a decent game, but it almost feels like a lie to call it a game. It's more like an extended Tech Demo more than anything else. If the game had more locations, a bit better car damage physics, better reload times and just overall more variety, then this would be an instant buy and recommendation, but as it stands… if you have $13 to blow and REALLY like Burnout, it’s a decent time waster and a game you can say you finished...but that is about it.