Batman: The Enemy Within/Season 2 (2017)

Episode 1

  • Better Graphics
  • More artistic style and presentation (like a movie with different setup shops)
  • Basic Riddles and clues

Season 2 of Batman’s Telltale adventure brings some interesting ideas to the table, even if the opening wasn’t as bombastic as Season 1’s first episode, it did a lot in a small amount of time. The first thing right off that bat that you notice is the visual enhancements, in variety and detail of the environments, and also the much higher detail of character models, facial features and animation.

The graphics are just stunning compared to the first season. It’s such an incredible leap in detail that is much appreciated. There are still some clunky animations, but the facial features and lighting have greatly improved. The camera work also is something that is improved from last season, the angles and also the editing really brings a more cinematic style to the game.

The first episode seemed much longer than the first episode from season 1 and had just a couple small callbacks which were nice, nothing too flashy or winking to the audience, just a recognition for what happened to Bruce. I liked the new characters that were brought in and even making some choices with villains and also character deaths. I’m very excited to see how this season pans out.

Episode 2

Having Amanda Waller come in and rip control out of Gordon’s hands was expected, and I love how you are able to choose how you cooperate with her. Making an uneasy ally with so many different groups while still reassuring Gordon is the path I chose as it feels right for the character. This is the first game that really makes me want to go back and replay the game with different choices, since it does seem like it has a meaningful impact on how people perceive you.

The choice to add so many different villains seemed like it was going to go the way of Spidey 3, at first. Having Bane, Mr. Freeze, Joker & Harley felt like it was going to become too much, but in this episode I feel like they pulled it off quite well. Especially how they changed up the dynamic of Joker & Harley, having Joker be the love sick puppy, and Harley being the one who wears the pants in the family was a nice switch. Even so, it’s not just a swapping of roles, Harley lets down her guard at points and you can see something deeper with her character. As with Joker as well, it seems like there might be multiple sides they are pulling with his character, as just as you think you have him figured out, he switches his attitude and demeanor, his mannerisms change and then as soon as you think you know what he is doing, he changes a bit again… It’s all quite interesting.

Playing as how I think Batman would play these conversations out is what I think is the right way to play it, but like I said, I am interested to see the game changes since you can apparently be a psychopath just as easily. Either way, this game is just a step above in atmosphere and storytelling, changing up the norms of the Batman story.

Episode 3

This episode seemed the most bland, you are stuck undercover the most time and just playing the sides against each other. There was a few stand out moments, like seeing Detective Bullock for the first time, or getting the gang to trust you more, but it just felt like the weakest out of the episodes so far, which keeps in step with Telltale’s formula. Nothing really surprising, just a middle episode to keep the story going.

Episode 4

From the get go, it really ramps up as it starts with a pretty big action sequence, and you blow your cover to destroy the virus that is supposedly a cure all. There were some moments where I showed compassion to someone I might not have wanted to, but again, role playing as how Batman would respond, I felt like he would have kept his word. The real joy was in the middle where you start seeing the Joker crack and really show his true colors. The funhouse setting with the twisted maze room and the blacklight colors really made this section pop and stand out. I played it cool and  even though I know he is bad and turning into the Joker, I found myself giving him the benefit of the doubt and trusting him at every turn to try and help him in his psychotic breakdown, which again, I feel is what Batman would have done.

Episode 5

  • Carnival music during battle
  • Team Up with Joker

A couple weeks after the crew disbands, “John Doe '' re emerges, after taking a lot of pointers from Batman, as The Joker, a crime fighting superhero who isn’t afraid to punish the evildoers that do evil. It was a refreshing take on the Batman/Joker “you made me '' dynamic, as you directly influence Joker on being a costumed vigilante and taking the law into his own hands when the law won’t do what NEEDS to be done. It was really interesting to see Batman remind Joker about not killing (based on your choice anyways) and him coming to the realization that some people SHOULD be killed “for the greater good”.

Unfortunately there were several plot threads that did feel a bit rushed, and I would have liked either the game to have spread out the conflits a little more, or just taken them out completely.

Tiffany is one, She serves no purpose other than to set up a Robin character, but she never really justifies her existence and is left more as a cliffhanger for a Season 3 that will literally never come. Same thing with Alfred, you can see what they were going for, Alfred getting fed up and leaving, and basically giving Bruce/Batman an ultimatum. Making a choice, that even less than 6 months later, again won’t have any real consequence to the game, just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Alfred brings up the fact that everything that has happened, is because Batman exists, so many dead because Batman exists, if he stopped existing this wouldn’t happen…. Which I disagree with, that, and the fact that Alfred gives such an ultimatum out of sheer selfishness because he just doesn’t want to deal with Bruce being Batman anymore and his own moral dilemma, instead of trying to help people, just felt off.

I decided to quit being Batman in the end, because it seemed like the much more fun and happy option, knowing that there would never be a Season 3 there really was no consequence for it, plus it really felt like the game was pulling me in that direction at the end. I had a lot of fun with the game, much more than I thought I was going to have. I have only a couple gripes, the major being the fact that I didn’t care for the Wayne’s to be a crime family, there is zero reason to change this and tarnish the good name, it just created pointless prejudice in Gothamites and didn’t add anything to the story. That and just making some characters like Tiffany utterly pointless and a waste. But like I said, there is more good than bad in this game, a lot more, and it was fun playing through a Batman game, where I didn’t already know every single story beat, and character change. What a wonderful 16+ hours through these two games, which only leaves a big empty void where season 3 should have been. Telltale made several insanely fun game play experiences, not a whole lot of things other than choices and QTEs, but there was something special to that gameplay formula, which was run into the ground for cash grabbing. The mismanagement and demise of Telltale will probably be what the company will be remembered for, but the few games that did make an impact is what I’ll remember them for. Batman, Walking Dead and Back To The Future.