Batman: Arkham VR (2017)

Hearing this was a short around 2 hour game, I wanted it, but at $20 it was a bit hard to purchase. Seeing as it was a timed Playstation VR exclusive from October 2016 to Spring 2017 sucked. I knew it was going to look better on Vive or Rift, so I waited. When it finally did come to Steam I waited until the Steam Summer Sale and bought it for around $10 and I was not really disappointed, except for the fact that it’s MUCH shorter than 2 hours, probably 30-45 mins if you really really really take your time. The loading and dialogue is a large chunk of the game. It is extremely well polished and really does put you in the Arkham universe as it was built using the assets of the Arkham games, so it’s one of the best looking VR games out there right now. A small story of trying to find out what happened to Nightwing and Robin pulls you along, but being Batman takes a backseat to just exploring the world. I know it’s urgent, but I really want to just walk around and look at everything and pick up everything.

I wish the movement was normal and not predetermined teleportation parts. I wish the grabbing was a bit better, instead of using the palm grips on the Vive controller I wish it was a button or trigger. Some of the basic puzzles are so basic that I over-thought them and struggled with one or two longer than I should have. The game does add a bit of replayability to it, as once you complete the story, The Riddler shows up and the the real game begins, finding and solving the hidden black light riddles, and unlocking new models makes me want to 100% this game (Since I did 100% all the other games in the series)

Editor’s Note: 4.5 / 5  Stars. It’s a fine game, but the shortness makes it hard to tell everyone to buy it at full price, but it’s easily one of the best polished VR games (and yeah, it is a game, not an experience) out there right now.