About Me

A little about me, I grew up playing games at a very young age, starting in 1988, I played my first video game, Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo Entertainment System, and ever since then I've been hooked.

Gaming is my main hobby, and one that I've enjoyed my entire life. Around 2013 I started keeping track of every video game I've ever beaten and also have been writing reviews for each game I finish, which has culminated into a few hundred reviews.

As I would write more and more reviews, I would sometimes write rants on certain subjects for my friends to read in our group text that has been going for about a decade, and instead of constantly writing these rants and having them disappear into the ether, I decided to start a website/blog to keep all my random thoughts available for others.

The website started becoming more than just reviews, but also a home for my podcast that I started to originally get better with voice overs for work. That quickly ballooned into my own mini-hobby of getting my thoughts on games and movies and shows and life out in audio form.

In 2021, after moving to Tennessee; I decided to branch out even further and start back up one of my other hobbies; Filmmaking. Originally just goofing around, I quickly started making videos online to satiate my desire to get back into film and also work on my skills for lighting, sound design and editing for work too.

My main goal for this site is to just chronicle my thoughts on gaming. Keeping reviews for games I finish, ramblings and rants on some other media, like movies or TV shows, and also inspire me to start a book I've been wanting to do for years. Game or Die is a fun other hobby and it's just my way of sharing my thoughts with the world. Feel free to check out all the reviews, podcasts, and videos I post here. Thanks for looking!

Ryan Moore aka The Mad Man

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