Curation Is Key

Articles Jul 23, 2020

Curation is key in the world now. Be it movies, or TV, Comics or games.

With the push of technology, where not just every household has a computer, but every person has several computers, such as a phone, a tablet, a laptop and maybe a desktop, There are more ways than ever to create things. Anyone can become an artist, and upload their work to deviant art or make an online comic.

Anyone can take video on their phone and make a small movie on it. Throw it in an editor, whether it’s Adobe with its massive catalog of programs available to everyone for a small monthly fee, or Mac’s proprietary Final Cut software that is less than it’s ever been.

Make a podcast with your buddies for free with a phone app, or download Unity 3D and build your own video game that you can throw on Steam.

It’s never been easier to create something, and with that, leads to too much stuff to sift through.

Take a look at Steam for example, it was possible to own every game on steam only a few years ago. It would have cost a lot, but it was possible. In the few small years since, Steam has ballooned to thousands of new games being added every year. In a single week you can see an influx of several hundred new games. Most are garbage. A single person, who learned how to use Unity, downloaded some pre-fabricated assets and made a couple levels. Baked it into an executable and submitted it to Steam’s Early Access section. Get a few people to at least buy it, to make back the initial investment and then never touch it again.

So many games aren’t worth your time now, and sometimes it’s fairly easy to tell what is a blatant cash grab. Other times though, it is a bit harder to discern what is a game that might be worth a couple bucks or a game you’ll buy and play a single time, and wasn’t worth it at all.

Every form of entertainment is having this happen as well. Movies always had those bad B or C list movies, where they just were a few inexperienced people who wanted to make a movie, but just didn’t get everything together well enough, but still put it out there. Now, there is every single type of movie being constantly made, and each type has about 100 different variations. Movie releases are pretty much impossible to keep track of.

TV shows have gone through a radical change in the last decade, as now the major cable channels have kept doing what they do, getting shows produced, but cancelling them at a moment's notice, as soon as they don’t see viewer numbers they don’t like. Those shows may die right then and there, or be bought up by a streaming service and resurrected for another season or two, just to finish the story lines if nothing else. Arrested Development, Community, even Brooklyn Nine-Nine have survived these cancellations in one form or another, and they are drops in the hat.

TV isn’t just basic cable anymore, it’s also now streaming services that have their own production studios. Netflix and Hulu are the big players who have been around for over a decade now. But there are more and more, with NBC and Disney being some of the newer players. Everyone of them is not just streaming their old stuff, but also producing new shows and content, and it’s getting to the point that no one can keep up with it all.

Netflix started making Marvel shows, starting with Daredevil, then Jessica Jones, then Luke Cage, then Iron Fist, then the Defenders, and in between those, it was also multiple seasons of each show…. And that’s just Marvel’s Netflix. That’s a couple hundreds of hours just for a single studio’s output on a single streaming service… and only just TV.

It’s become too much, and something needs to be done about it. There has always been a job that I’ve thought would be rad. A job that would require thought and preparation, and lots of investments, but would be a really interesting and I think rewarding job. Museum Curator. Something that helps people see a certain selection, and remove a lot of the junk that isn’t necessary to get an understanding of the main theme. Take the biggest and most relevant pieces and put them on display.

I also think about it in the context of my own collection. Movies, Shows, Comics, Books, and Games. I am a collector. I like to have full collections of games, but most others don’t have the space or even care about the majority of them. They want someone to tell them what the best of the best are, or certain items that might interest them, the “hidden gems”.

I’ve spent the majority of my life focused on entertainment media, Video Games, Movies, Shows even comics. There is just simply too many of each to be able to ever play or watch or read most of them. So curation from a person or group that has similar likes is the best way to optimize those experiences, and get the cream of the crop basically. I would love to make my collection available to the world, and with that, show off not just my personal tastes, but also give suggestions to people of what I consider the best of genres and mediums.

I want to create a curated collection of games. I want to create “Staff Pick’s” for movies or comics, just like all those old rental shops used to do. Change it out every once in a while, or make sure I can give a bit of a back catalogue of things to people who want to read or watch some of the better content, or play certain games, that are usually better than most of the stuff out there. There is just too much without a want to filter out the things that aren’t important. Curation is Key.


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