Review VR

Oculus Quest 2 (2020)

I’ve been an early adopter for VR, starting way back in 2014 with Oculus’ Development Kit 2, or DK2 for short. Two years later the first Oculus retail headset came out and since then, there has been a steady flow of iterations on the hardware, and some very notable software releases as well. Back in 2016, I kept telling everyone I could about how absolutely amazing and paradigm shifting this virtual reality technology really was going to be. The key phrase was “going to be”. At the time, I said I believed that it would be about 6-7 years before VR really became cheap enough and mainstream enough to be heavily integrated in our lives, like smartphones are now. 

I Weep For Cinema Review

The Witcher – Season 01 (2019)

This might be the be the first time in my adult life that I went out and read the books before the show came out. Having been playing the Witcher games since the second one in 2011, I was already well aware of the characters, and fell head over heels with 3 at the behind closed doors demo at E3 in 2014. 

I Weep For Cinema Rant Review

Joker (2019)

I watched Joker. I was about to type that I really don’t have much to say about Joker. Everyone knows my stance on DC movies enough already. But, now that I think about it, I feel a rant coming on.