Comic Review

Wolverine: Black, White & Blood (2021)

While I did read a fair amount of comic books as a kid, I never got into them as much as I feel I should have. Partially because there really just weren’t many comic stores where I lived, they were farther away, and I also would have rather bought the action figures with my allowance money instead of comics. Luckily over the last 15 years, I’ve become much more enthralled with comics and graphic novels and have amassed a very large and diverse collection. While I have spent much more time with comics, my knowledge of super heroes came mostly from the cartoons and movies based on them. So I was initially shocked when I started reading Wolverine to see how watered down his screen versions were. That has all changed with Black, White & Blood.

This small 4 issue long run of comic books puts the premise of there are many untold stories from Wolverine’s long past, and we haven’t heard them all. So the comics split up each issue into 3 smaller stories, and the main gimmick is that they are only in black and white, with the only color showing up being red when it is associated with blood (for the most part). 

Each story is a self contained story where Wolverine is at the heart and center, and some of them are even familiar, but putting a new twist or spin on the whole event. 

I split the series up into a few nights of reading, going through a single issue each as I laid in bed, right before I went to sleep. It was an interesting and fun ritual for a couple evenings, as I’ve been wanting to get back into more comic reading. 

Since I’ve been reading the start of Chris Clearmont’s Wolverine run over the past year, it was fun to see a story of his pop up. Even taking place during the time when Wolverine was known as Patch, and it’s location being set in Madripoor as well. It was a welcome addition to the already great stories and really made the series standout.

Another thing I noticed was how wonderfully violent and bloody the series was. I mean, I knew that it was going to, with a title like Black, White & Blood, but it was just nice to see Wolverine let loose and given a much more adult treatment. Dismemberment, decapitations, and a few claws through skulls is something that shouldn’t be done all the time, but it really adds to the berserker atmosphere of his character. 

A solid series where it doesn’t overstay its welcome and made me excited to see on the final page that there is going to be a Carnage version coming next. In fact, as I type this, the first issue of Carnage: Black, White & Blood has been released, and I know if it’s even half as good as the Wolverine version, I’ll be very happy.