The 2020 Steam Award Nominations

Just like last year, Steam has put their “Autumn Sale” out during the Thanksgiving week, and with it, lets us nominate games for their own Steam Awards. With many returning categories, we are able to nominate a single game for each award. I can’t remember if last year only allowed one game to be nominated per award or not, but this year if I wanted to nominate Half-Life: Alyx, it’s only allowed to be nominated for a single category.

With this year, it’s been a huge drought of actual good games that were released, and I really did have to think about most of the categories and even put in a couple games that I really didn’t think shined. But since there was so little amount of games that came out, and that I played, I did my best to at least show what I thought should have been nominated for the proper category. Here is my list of games that I nominated for Steam’s 2020 Game Awards.

The Mad Man’s Steam Award Nominations