Game Review VR

Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot (2019)

Cyberpilot can best be summed up as small tacked on addition to Youngblood. As it takes certain gadgets and enemies and locations in Youngblood and expands on them just the tiniest amount. The VR only side game that clocks in at about an hour and a half and barely gives much in the way of story or any meaningful development to the world that Wolfenstein creates. You just simply aren’t in the game long enough to have anything really feel like it matters.

Cyberpilot thrusts you into the role of an unnamed pilot who is strapped to a chair and doesn’t allow you to move any limbs other than your head and arms. It’s very constricting and for a 4th VR game from a giant publisher, it feels very weird. This feels like a downgrade, gamewise, more than any of the other VR titles that Bethesda has put out. 

A disembodied voice is your only comunication with the world and it tells you that you are an undercover infiltrator in this Nazi compound. Playing the role of one of the Paris revolutionaries, it is your job to secretly hack 3 different types of vehicles and reprogram them to allow you to control them remotely from your “Cyberpilot” room. This is the most interesting part of the game, as the Cyberpilot room is esentially a room with monitors that encompass your field of view and allows you to remotely pilot the vechiles and cause mass desctution to the Nazi ocupied Paris streets.

The Cyberpilot view shows that a real mech game, with the time and dedication can be amazing in VR. Being able to pilot these machines remotely, and look to the side and remember that I’m in a room and not actually out in the streets, made me hope and wish for one day, when VR is mainstream, to get a VR version of Titanfall. Even with the short length of the street missions, you get a real sense of what this game could have been, and the potential for something much much greater. All I wanted to do was be able to have more to do and stay in the setting of a cyberpilot much longer than I was allowed to.

And that is the downfall of this game. You see the potential, you start getting invested into it, and it gets ripped away from you just as it starts getting good, exactly like with Youngblood. If the game was more of an addon, a DLC instead of a stand alone game, it would have made a world of difference. Instead of trying to contain it’s own story into such a small setting, it could have integrated into Youngblood and attached itself to that story. Instead, what you get is a voice trying to connect with you and make you care about people you have never seen nor will ever hear outside of the single sentence they are mentioned. Mind you, this whole sob story is taking place in your ear as you are blowing up Nazi robots and fending off hoards and trying to blow up a building. It’s a mess and doesn’t work. 

If you were able to have a VR mission or two in between missions in Youngblood, kinda like the Catwoman DLC of Arkham City, I could see this being a much better cohesive story and it would just flow so much better, and also allow the story to fit in and allow the characters to feel like real people. Making a connection with this voice, and having the Blazkowitz sisters somehow tie into the story of this Cyber Pilot would make it so much more interesting and in turn would get me much more invested. 

I will have to comment on the graphics as well. For whatever reason there is some super weird issue with the graphics, where everything beyond your immediate reach has a very low fidelity to them and makes everything in a near distance blurry. It was extremely hard to look at anything because everything seemed to be “off”. It felt weird and the several changes in the options menus did not make the blurriness go away. As far as I know, I believe there will be a patch, and maybe someday I’ll go back to see… but not anytime in the next few years, which is a real bummer.

Cyberpilot has its heart in the right place. It’s a game that has the potential to create something really special, and if this was actually a tech demo, this would be incredible (without the graphical issues). But this is a real final product. It’s a $20 game and likely won’t have anything come of it. This should have been released either for free, to show off the potential, and have it expand into a full blown DLC for Wolf 3. Not a throw away project to give to the C team. Give me this as a full game, with the same heart, just with more polish and expanding on the twist at the end that the series is now known for