The Division 2

The Division 2 is a solid sequel to The Division 1. The shooting has improved, the UI has more information and a better overall layout, and the characters just move with a more realistic movement.

I would love to say that The Division 2 is 100% a better game, but unfortunately I wasn’t anywhere near enthralled with the story and cutscenes as I was with the first game. After 7 months of the Dollar Flu taking down New York, Washington D.C. has been infected and all our national monuments and museums have been completely destroyed. Our nation’s capital has been in ruin and even our President has been captured. 

What sets the sequel apart from the first game is really the polish and amount of different locations compared to the first game. So many more indoor areas to explore, the levels are so much more detailed, and seeing so many iconic spots of the D.C. area rendered with so much love is really a sight to behold.

Giving different weather conditions can make the same encounters so different in the way you approach them. The fog might allow you to sneak up much closer to plant some traps, or the clear day might change your tactic to a more sniper like position. The game excels at the gun play and most other things, but one way if falls short is the story.

The story was what made me fall in love with the first game, but I wanted more out of it. Sadly The Division 2 becomes the leader in how NOT to tell a story. So many generic missions, characters, and “twists” make for the worst story and characters in any game. It becomes so unmemorable, that I couldn’t tell you a single characters name or motivation in the entire 60+ hours I played of the single player story.


The game itself is a multiplayer focused game and it shows in its writing and execution. Get some friends and feel free to skip every collectible voicemail, and cut scene and just have fun shooting some bad guys.