Retro Gaming: Stop with the “Hidden Gems”

A lot of internet gaming is based on “retro” games. Games that came out for older generations of systems and are harder to come by.

For me retro gaming isn’t a fad, or for that fact really isn’t anything special. It’s just playing games, older games sure, but I don’t really have anything in mind when I go to play an old NES or Genesis game. I am not trying to show off, I just want to game. And that is where the problem really lies for me most of the time. Everyone now-a-days (yeah, I use that term) always has to make an event of some sort to show off an older game, like it’s some unknown ancient relic they have stumbled upon.

Everyone has to have a youtube video reviewing an older game. You know what? Your opinion isn’t going to really be anything new or different than anyone else who as started doing this in the last decade either. I can’t tell you how many times I heard a kid at Games 4 U reference wanting to start a new youtube channel covering old games. I should have just made a “YouTube Starter Kit” and bundled a NES with Mario 1-3 and an elgato. I would have made a fortune.


This isn’t me being an elitist, it’s me being real with people. Most people will breakdown games and review them the exact same way, as if it was a formula (back in the old gaming magazine days, it actually was). Most times when I click a video review of an older game, it is some kid spouting off at the mouth a verbatim read of the wikipedia article of the game. No one needs or wants that. The whole point of a video review, or heck, just a review in general is to give your own unique opinion on the material. I can know exactly the next phrase or saying that most youtube video reviews will say most of the time.


If you are going to review old games, please first pick something that hasn’t been covered a thousand times by hundreds of different people. Second, if you can’t form your own opinion about the game and say something unique… just don’t make a video. Period. The world doesn’t need your voice being heard on this subject if its just going to be an exact echo of everyone else. Again, this isn’t a bad thing or me being mean, this is advice the world needs at this point. How many pointless waste of bandwidth videos are on the internet. Thousands of kids playing minecraft making “tutorial” videos where they just copy the thing someone else did and recorded them saying it instead and the posted it. We don’t need it nor does anyone want it.


“But, it isn’t hurting anyone”… Not directly, but it sure is wasting my time, and their time as well, instead of just copying someone, and doing the exact same thing as someone else, they could be forming their own opinions or picking up a new hobby or trying another game or a litany of other things. We need to stop encouraging everyone to post videos to be “creative” when they are actually being the least creative they can be.

Instead of trying your hand at youtube, and posting another video about how iconic of a game Super Mario Bros for the NES was, with a youtube frowny faced thumbnail, go pick up Felix the Cat for NES instead and tell me why that game is something that no one talks about, and why its a very underrated game for the system and a blast to play even though it isn’t very difficult.